Subcontractor Change Order Log - 2

Our Subcontractor's Change Order Log -2 Form is used to track and monitor your Subcontractor and Supplier change order requests. Sub change order requests can be sorted by CO Status, Sub or Material, Sub/Supplier name, etc. Each Sub/Supplier is grouped with their respective change order list. If you refer to the preview image below one sample sub and one sample supplier have been inserted. They are both expanded to show their change order lists. Each list can be minimized to hide the change orders and only show the sub/supplier name and their current totals.

How this form differs from Subcontractor Change Order Log - 1:
Sub CO Log - 2 will allow the user to sort by change order status (i.e. pending, approved, anticipated)| Sub CO Log 1 will also allow the user to sort by status but the form will sort the change order status under each individual Sub or Supplier because the Sub/Supplier's are grouped with their respective change orders.
Sub CO Log - 1 allows the user to insert the Sub or Supplier's original contract amount | Sub CO Log - 2 does not
Sub CO Log - 1 will total current contract amount with change orders | Sub CO Log - 2 does not



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